Our Fleet

We operate one of the top fleets in the UK for a club of our size which is designed to give the best possible training to both pre-solo and post solo pilots while also having the capability to achieve real cross country, height and aerobatic goals.

Every aircraft in our fleet is fitted with moving map displays, our gliders are all fitted with modern variometers and all aircraft in our power fleet are equipped with Mode-S ADS-B transponders.

SZD-50-3 Puchacz


Three Puchacz gliders form the backbone of our training fleet.

They are excellent dual controlled, two seat training gliders used for teaching the whole gliding syllabus.   They are highly regarded by many of our experienced pilots for their good handling characteristics and have proven aerobatic capabilities.

Grob Astir CS77


The Astir is usually the first single seater that our pilots progress to following their first solo and some consolidation in the two seat Puchacz.

This glider is more than capable of many of the major milestones in gliding and you can progress through the badge system of height gains and cross country gliding.

The Astir features a retractable undercarriage, water ballast tanks and a reclined seating position, all of which will see you better prepared should you decide to buy your own glider.

Hoffman H36 Dimona Mk2


The club’s motor glider is used for teaching early handling skills and sometimes for circuit and landing practice.   It is also used for advanced training such as cross country navigation and field landing exercises.

With an ADS-B Transponder, FLARM, SkyDemon and a variable pitch propeller giving it the ability to cruise at up to 100kts, the Dimona makes a brilliant touring aeroplane.

The motor glider is also available for Private hire by suitably qualified club members holding a TMG rating.

We bought this aircraft from its previous owners in The Netherlands in May 2019.

Slingsby T-61F Venture T. MK 2


The club’s other motor glider originally built for the Royal Air Force’s Air Cadets.  It still wears its original livery to this day.  Although a very different sort of motor glider, our venture is used for the same purpose as the Dimona.

We bought this aircraft from its previous owners in 2011

Aeropro Eurofox


Two 100hp Eurofoxes make up our tug fleet.

Their fuel economy and low maintenance costs allow us to keep launch fees to a minimum while enjoying an extremely modern and well equipped tug fleet.

The Eurofoxes also have two seats making it easier to train prospective tug pilots.

We acquired G-ETUG from Eurofox UK in June 2014 and G-MOYR from the Yorkshire Gliding Club in January 2017.