Adding a TMG rating


  1. EASA LAPL(S) or SPL - You qualify for this if you have a Bronze & XC Endorsement
  2. EASA LAPL or Class 2 Medical - If you go for an SPL you'll need a class 2.  Most people only need a LAPL.

Course Content

  • 6 hours of flight instruction in a TMG - Including at least 4 hours dual instruction.
  • 1 Solo cross country flight of at least 80nm, during which 1 full-stop landing at an aerodrome different to the aerodrome of departure shall be performed.
  • A skills test to demonstrate an adequate level of practical skill in a TMG
  • During the skills test, the applicant shall also demonstrate to the examiner an adequate level of theoretical knowledge for the TMG in the following subjects:  Principles of flight, Operational procedures, Flight performance and planning, Aircraft general knowledge, Navigation.See FCL.135.S LAPL(S) for full details.

BGA DTO course programme - TMG extension


The very minimum amount of flying that you need to do in total is 7 hours, although bank on more than this if you are unfamiliar with powered operations.

Getting a medical

Dr Trevor White
Nuffield Centre in Jesmond
07792 278 811

Keeping Current

You must have completed over the previous 24 months; 

  1. 12 hours of flight time as PIC, including 12 take-offs and landings
  2. Refresher training of at least 1 hour with a flight instructor

If you do not meet these requirements you will need to: 

  1. Complete a proficiency check on a TMG with an examiner before you exercise the privileges of your license; or
  2. Complete the additional flight time or take-offs and landings to meet the requirements above flying dual or solo under the supervision of an instructor.