Trial Flight (Direct Sale)


  • 2500ft Aerotow
  • 15-25 Minute Flight
  • 28 Days Club Membership
  • Certificate of Completion

Whether you’re looking to take up gliding or you’re simply looking to experience the thrill of soaring flight, a trial flight is sure to be a great experience or even an unforgettable gift.

You will fly with a qualified British Gliding Association pilot and can have the opportunity to experiencing what gliding is all about while enjoying the stunning views that Northumberland has to offer.

Please note, there are various physical and medical restrictions on who can fly. Please read the FAQ, below, before buying your voucher.

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There are no formal age restrictions, although under 18s will require consent from a parent or guardian

Prior to flying, your pilot will ensure that the mass and balance of the glider is safe for flight. This will take into account your weight, the instructor’s weight and the limits of the particular glider. Generally the maximum will be 90kg (14st 2lb).

There is no lower weight limit, however with smaller children the deciding factor may be whether they are big enough to safely wear the safety harness and emergency parachute. The duty instructor’s decision on this matter will be final. Some instances may allow for lighter children to fly from the rear seat of the glider (where the instructor normally sits).

You must not suffer from faintness, giddiness, fits, a serious heart condition or anything that could endanger the glider in flight. You will be required to complete a medical declaration prior to your flight.

You may control the glider under the pilot’s supervision if you wish. Don’t feel pressured if you’d rather just enjoy the experience and watch the views. You should discuss this with your pilot before flying.

This will depend largely upon the conditions on the day. As a rule of thumb, a flight to 2,500ft will typically last around 15-20 minutes. If the conditions on the day are favourable then the flight may be longer than that.

The voucher is valid for 13 months. If the weather has prevented you from using it repeatedly we will extend the voucher on a case by case basis.

If you wish, you can pre-book a trial flight slot using our booking system although, please note that this is subject to weather and you must still phone ahead on the day to ensure that the weather is suitable.

Alternatively you can simply phone us up on any club flying day (Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays) to ask about flying on the day.

Generally any club day, ie. Wednesdays and Weekends.

There are three things that will usually prevent us from flying. Rain, strong winds and low cloud. Please remember that we will only fly when the conditions are safe to do so – you may not be able to fly on your preferred date if the conditions are not suitable.

You should contact the club by telephone on 07467 180367, preferably around 10am.

Yes. Friends and family are more than welcome, however please remember that you will be on an active airfield. Children must be supervised at all times.

Generally Yes. Although this will depend on a few factors. How big the camera is, whether it has a secure wrist strap, whether you intend to have a go at flying the glider. You should discuss this with your pilot before flying.

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Gliding is an adventure sport which is subject to its own risks in the same way as skiing, mountaineering or scuba diving. However, we take all possible steps to mitigate this. Our instructors are trained to high British Gliding Association standards and subject to checks. All of our aircraft undergo an inspection each day they fly and are subject to ongoing preventative maintenance and overhauls by qualified aircraft inspectors.