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  • Trial Flight

    Due to exceptional demand in conjunction with exceptionally bad weather, we have suspended vouchers sales while we endeavour to fly a backlog of customers who’ve made purchases over the past few months.

    We understand that this may be disappointing, especially if you were looking for an exciting gift for a big birthday, but we feel this is the fairest course of action for our customers currently waiting to fly.

    Please check back here on 1st June when we will make a decision on re-opening sales. Many thanks for your understanding.

    Please note, although we’re not selling vouchers, if you do find yourself available to fly on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, give us a call on 07467180367 to check if we’re flying. It is often possible to slot in an extra flight, especially on Wednesdays!

    If you were looking to join the club, don’t be deterred! We are always looking for new members. Give us a call/email, or just drop into the club on a flying day.

    • 2500ft Aerotow
    • 15-25 Minute Flight
    • 28 Days Club Membership
    • Certificate of Completion

    Whether you’re looking to take up gliding or you’re simply looking to experience the thrill of soaring flight, a trial flight is sure to be a great experience or even an unforgettable gift.

    You will fly with a qualified British Gliding Association pilot and can have the opportunity to experiencing what gliding is all about while enjoying the stunning views that Northumberland has to offer.