Aircraft Manuals

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Junior Pilots

Junior Pilots We’re a certified Junior Gliding Centre! Our generous junior pilots scheme allows anybody under the age of 18 to join our club for minimal cost and allows them to learn to fly at a greatly reduced cost. All that … Read More

Group Flying

Group Flying During the summer months we can offer trial gliding flights for larger groups. Whether it be a group of friends or work colleagues a summer evening of gliding can be a perfect group activity. These are offered at … Read More

Trial Flight
  • 2500ft Aerotow
  • 15-25 Minute Flight
  • 28 Days Club Membership
  • Certificate of Completion

Whether you’re looking to take up gliding or you’re simply looking to experience the thrill of soaring flight a trial lesson is sure to be a great experience or even an unforgettable gift.

You will fly with a qualified British Gliding Association pilot and can have the opportunity to take the controls for yourself while enjoying the views.… Read More

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