Northumbria Gliding club is a fully accredited junior gliding centre and has actively operated a scheme for young pilots since the late 1990s. The format and the way they are recruited has changed over the years, but the success and achievements for individuals who make the most of the opportunity and the club remains the same.

The main principle of the scheme is that the trainee receives flight training at minimal cost, paying only the launch fee, 25% of the full membership cost and glider hire is included free of charge. These privileges continue until 18 years of age. In return, you are expected to attend regularly and contribute to the flying operation, learning to carry out the various tasks needed to launch gliders.

The scheme is highly regarded by our members as an investment. The membership effectively subsidise the junior pilots to fly at such low cost in the hope that the scheme will continue to produce future instructors, tug pilots and aircraft inspectors, ensuring that the sport will continue beyond the current generation.

Previous juniors have gone on to have successful careers in aviation, not least flying military fast jets, commercial airliners and professional aircraft engineers. Many also remain involved in gliding, enjoying flying in their spare time and even becoming involved in running of the club for the next generation of pilots. To date the scheme has produced instructors, tug pilots, a Chief Flying Instructor and a club Chairman.

Any interested individuals should contact our chairman or CFI at the earliest opportunity.