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G-BBSS is a Chipmunk that was owned by the club from November 1973 until it was sold to The Gliding Centre at Husbands Bosworth in May 1988

G-BNZV is a 235hp Piper Pawnee D and replaced our Chipmunk. It was bought in September 1988 before being sold onto a gliding club in Slovenia in February 2003.

G-BXST is another 235hp Piper Pawnee. The club purchased this aircraft in March 2003 until it was sold to the Staffordshire gliding club in March 2015.

G-ETUG is a 100hp AeroPro Eurofox purchased by the club at just two years old in July 2014. This is our clubs current tug and was designed with economy in mind. The Eurofox has vastly decreased the clubs Aerotowing costs.

G-BUFP otherwise known as ZA663 is a Slingsby Venture T.X2 and was bought by a private syndicate directly from the RAF in 1990 where was operated privately at Currock Hill until July 2000 when it was replaced by a Grob 109B (seen below). G-AYSD is a similar aircraft to G-BUFP however is a German built Scheibe SF-25B. It was bought by a private syndicate in March 1991 before being sold again in March 1995.G-KNEK was the direct replacement and upgrade of G-BUFP. it was purchased from Germany (as D-KNEK) in May 2000. It remains at Currock Hill in private ownership to this day. G-BUHR is another Venture T.X2 similar to G-BUFP. It was purchased by the club by means of a donation from one of our members in April 2012. The purchase marked the first time that a Motorglider had been operated directly by Northumbria Gliding Club, and remains in operation to this day.